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TU Educators Summit 2024

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“The real behavioral question is not 'Do students prefer print OR electronic?' but 'WHEN do they prefer print and WHEN electronic?'” (Mizrachi & Salaz, 2020, p. 816).

Digital reading and annotation are often more affordable, sustainable, convenient, and accessible for learners and scholars. Digital reading and annotation are not, however, the equivalent of their print alternatives: Specific skills, strategies, and confidences must be developed, and different tools must be used. Without direct instruction and consistent practice in digital reading and annotation, the academic success and reading identities of all students are negatively impacted.

MD Tech Connect 2023

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What did we as CoP leaders do to facilitate the CoP and support tech adoption?

Distance Library Services 2022

Brittni Transcript for I wish I had known this as a distance librarian

My advice is grounded in the acknowledgement that too many people, higher education workers and students alike, have primarily had negative experiences teaching, learning, collaborating, and connecting online. Those past experiences color their present expectations and, by extension, negatively impact future attempts with technology-enhanced interactions. Our most important job as distance library workers, then, may be to loudly and frequently share all that drew us to this work and keeps us doing it. When we share these experiences and visions, we help others realize better alternatives are possible. Ultimately: When we share the positive impacts of eLearning and virtual relationships on health, happiness, productivity, and achievement, we facilitate individual as well as programmatic reimaginings of both distance education and library engagement!

Conference on Academic Library Management 2022

CALM 2022 ADA Accommodations Public.pptx

I’m grateful the accommodation process worked as I’d hoped, but big picture-wise: Disabled folks shouldn’t have to bet on empathetic supervisors, compassionate OHR reps, or timely and accurate medical diagnoses. We shouldn’t have to be unfailingly personable, strategic self-advocates, exceptional workers, or forgiving teachers of our disability in particular and ableism in general. We shouldn’t even have to claim disability. We should, all, just be able to initiate conversations with our employers about the barriers that keep us from doing our best work and the supports that will resolve them. Until we achieve that goal, though, let’s take advantage of the systems we currently have.

Towson Conference for Academic Libraries 2021

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Our workshop experience was shaped by these principles for engagement: 

1) Ease of access. We lessened the barrier to entry by not requiring advance registration or product installation;

2) Care. Breaks were built in and folks were encouraged to be only as present as they were able and participate in whatever way made sense, via chat or mic, with camera on or off;

3) Centering lived experience. We emphasized our own limited perspectives and invited participant experiences via brief polls; and

4) Accountability. When our community explicitly tells us or indirectly shows us things that keep them from attending, enjoying, or recommending program, we listen and respond.

Library Instruction Tennessee 2021

LIT 2021 Ableism Slides Public.pptx

Whether teaching online or on-campus, I center disability. I encourage folks to contact me and collaborate however they prefer.  My student hours are flexible and include weeknights and weekends. I stress that, although I’ve done my best to address known issues of inaccessibility, only another human can determine if something is truly accessible. As such, they’re welcome to contact me directly with concerns or submit them anonymously via our library web form. ... Ultimately, this has facilitated some incredible opportunities to work with disabled students previously reluctant to reach out due to library anxiety and discrimination. 

LOEX 2019

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2nd Annual iSchool Symposium (UMD-CP)

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