Brittni Ballard, Learning Technologies Librarian

Higher education, eLearning, and disability justice


Hello! My name's Brittni and my pronouns are she / hers. I'm an academic librarian with a background in K12 education, office administration, video game development, technology support, and college student supervision.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English Education from Purdue University and Master of Library and Information Science from University of Maryland. In 2019, I was hired as Learning Technologies and subject specialist for Educational Technology and Literacy at Towson University.

My service and scholarship focus on user experience, critical digital pedagogy, disability advocacy, and web accessibility. All research interests are grounded in lived experience teaching, learning, connecting, and collaborating, often remotely, as a first generation disabled graduate student and library worker. Specifically:

I explore how to thrive in higher education by researching with and for disabled students, scholars, and workers. I am fascinated by values, behaviors, and points of conflict between them. I pursue a world of inclusion, not accommodation. I dream of access that is mutual, of and for the collective—not individually instigated. In that vein, I practice crip time, rest as resistance, imagination, emergent strategy, pleasure activism, active listening, body trust, and genuine accountability (self reflection, apology, repair, changed behavior). My scholarship deals in lived experiences of chronic illness and disability, with arguments strengthened by stories of past and present ableism and hope sustained by stories of present and future joy.

2023 #BookShelfie in Review

Covers for the first 12 books, including a series of two novels, Brittni read in 2023.

I read 27 eBooks in 2023, a personal best! Texts includes young adult fiction, fantasy fiction, dystopian fiction, literary fiction, professional development, biography, history, historical fiction, alternative historical fiction, mystery, and non-fiction self-help on grief and relationships.

Covers for the first 12 books, including two series of two novels each, Brittni read in 2023.


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