Year in Review

Top 10 Favorite Librarian Moments in 2021

  1. Contributing to the library's first ever virtual usability testing by exploring how new students navigate the library website. In addition to conducting five tests, the team compiled, analyzed, wrote up, and presented on a summary of findings plus resulting recommendations.

  2. Co-facilitating my first post-MLIS presentation "Less resilience, more resistance: The persistence of ableism at work " at Library Instruction Tennessee. This interactive presentation brought together three early career disabled library workers including myself and my advocate supervisor.

  3. Every single meeting with students previously unwilling to seek library supports due to anxiety and previous discrimination. These meetings were possible through active prioritization of inclusive learning experiences through universal design for instruction including: 1) self disclosing experiences with disability, essential employee work status, and housing insecurity; 2) promoting equitable use by providing multiple ways to access information by creating accessible, digital-first materials such as handouts with fillable fields, LibGuides, web resources, and videos all easily discoverable through Blackboard; 3) modeling flexibility in use and inviting multiple ways to engage with the content, each other, and myself as instructor; and 4) keeping the lesson as simple as possible, inviting students to vote on potential activities and learning outcomes to emphasize overall community and individual agency.

  4. Publishing three reflective essays with Informed Librarian Online.

  5. Facilitating an interactive conversation on "Self Advocacy, Preservation, and Morale in Work and School" with student library workers.

  6. Recommending a long-time student to the NIH Postbaccalaureate IRTA Program.

  7. Partnering with the Graduate Student Organization to plan and facilitate a new program, "Citation Styles for Student Scholars," that explores the spirit of citations vs the grading of them.

  8. Advancing the development and ultimately approval of the library's first credit-bearing information literacy course. This involved working regularly with team members to: establish a project timeline; draft learning outcomes and course description; share and discuss potential resources, materials, and professional development opportunities; propose course structure and major assignments; invite feedback from fellow Research & Instructions library workers; attend Courseleaf SYLLABI training; and compose a rationale, syllabus, and detailed weekly schedule with reading.

  9. Participating in my first ACRL #DOLSTop5 Twitter chat on COVID-19 Pandemic: A Year in Review (contributions visible at

  10. Managing Cook Library's public YouTube channel, including scripting, recording, editing captions, and creating Tables of Contents for new videos as well as rebranding and reorganizing page layout.